Studies of Impact and Adaptation

AgMIP interdisciplinary teams in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia have completed studies on complex farming systems at the locations listed below. For each location researchers evaluated projected climate change impacts and measured the vulnerability of the regional farming systems to those impacts. They also tested the value of adaptation packages developed for each region both in the present and future climate. Click on a site below to access a description of the regional research and the results for each location.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Nioro, Senegal

Smallholder rain-fed farms growing maize, millet and peanut

Nkayi, Zimbabwe

Smallholder rain-fed farms growing maize, sorghum and peanut

Free State, S. Africa

Commercial and small farms growing maize, wheat and sorghum


Small maize farms in varied agro-ecological zones

South Asia

South Punjab, Pakistan
Pakistan Wheat

Small, medium and large irrigated farms growing cotton and wheat

Kurnool, India
Pakistan Wheat

Adaptations for Fallow-Chickpea Cropping Systems

Meerut, India
Pakistan Wheat

Vulnerability of rice-wheat small farm households